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What's new on Mp3 Cover Downloader

On version 1.4 (released on 2011.08.21):

- Search fix
- Now a cache speeds up the program

On version 1.3.3 (released on 2011.06.19):

- Fixes and optimizations

On version 1.3.2 (released on 2011.05.15):

- Now you can drag and drop a folder to easily load its files

On version 1.3.1 (released on 2011.03.04):

- Improved iTunes & Windows Media Player support
- Other fixes and optimizations

On version 1.3 (released on 2011.02.06):

- Now you can edit mp3 tags! (Title, album, artist, year and genre)
- Better support for mp3 tags in non-english characters (spanish, russian, german, arabic, japanese and all the others)
- Added new keyboard shortcuts: 1,2,3,4,5,6 keys add now instantly the rispective cover image
- Low resolutions on netbooks are now supported
- Other fixes and optimizations

On version 1.2 (released on 2011.01.28):

- Fixed a problem with the program interface
- Better cover results

On version 1.1 (released on 2011.01.12):

- Support for Windows versions without Windows Media Libraries
- Added Like button: you can now like the program on Facebook
- Added export function: you can now export embedded covers
- Added an "apply the last" function: you can now add the same cover image to several files without selecting the same image many times
- Internal enhancements and optimizations

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